Saturday, March 16, 2013

Where to save?

Everybody is talking about saving money and getting more money.

In reality, sometimes it's not as easy.

For instance, every time I read an article about saving money, it's always mentioned about 'bring your own lunch', no more coffee, don't go out.

Well, I have done all of those and I still feel I do not have extra money. And there were times in my life I thought "Darn. Does it mean I am out of ways to save money??


I know exactly how you feel, but don't get discourage! I will let you teach you how to see things differently!


First of, those tips are true, they will save you money!

I have done a little math for each of the tip.

Lunch :
These days, for a decent lunch, you need to spend at least $7.00 .

For me who work 3 times a week, that is $21 per week or 10% of my pay for that week is gone.

You may argue..''s only $21 per week, not a big deal, BUT

That $21 you spend on lunch, you could have use to pay your bill.

The way I am thinking is like this :

That $21 per week can be used to pay the utility bill or my car lease bill.

So between buying lunch which many times do not really fit my taste and keeping my car with me, I choose the last one.

Each of us will have a different view, and it's OK, but I found out, if I could 'justify' my savings, more likely I would do it without a grudge!

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