Saturday, March 16, 2013

Managing my paycheck...........

First of I am lucky to have a decent job with decent pay.

Now I am saying decent here it's not because I am not grateful, but I am merely saying I have had higher pay before and right now I get paid less, yet it's good enough for me to start paying my debt.

Since I work 2 jobs, I get paid pretty much every week, though one is less than the other.
My biggest paycheck is about $300 and my other one is only $50-80. :-)

I split my paycheck into 4 different accounts - therefore I know somehow someway, I am still saving.

It does not matter whether it's only $1 per week, IT IS STILL SAVING. 

I did changed the proportion recently, I had to sacrifice the savings and put more into my paying bills account. But again, I am still saving even though it's bit less than usual.

Every time I get paid, I have scheduled payment on my credit card as well.

I make sure I keep enough 'bumper' for my monthly fixed bills .

How do you manage your paycheck to pay your debt?

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