Sunday, March 24, 2013

How expensive is expensive?

In my previous post I wrote about recognizing our weakness when it comes to spending money.

Mine is shopping for clothes. I am still prone to clothes shopping till now I have learned to 'budget' my spending on clothes. Let's just say I have created my own standard of what is expensive and what is not.

So here's what my standard in buying clothes:

1.  Scarf - it goes on your neck, it does not really have any real function except for occasionally keeping your neck warm in cold weather. Therefore
- it can not be over $20 - I am sorry I can not buy $20 and still be 'naked' ;-)

2. Necklace - I make my own necklace with glass beads, semi-precious stone beads. No plastic whatsoever. So whenever I see a piece of jewelry - in my case a necklace and hair pins - I pay attention to
- the material - if they are made of plastic - I will not spend more than $10 for a simple necklace and no more than $20 for more sophisticated necklace.

if they are made of rhinestone or real crystal, then I may fall for maximum $30.
Again, they are accessories, after you buy one, you are still not completely dressed.

3. Dress - this is my biggest weakness. I love dresses!! I have several if this and that for dresses's shopping guide
- if it is branded - my favorite one is Calvin Klein - the maximum I can spend is $60. So if I find $25 for CK dress, most likely I surrender
- if it is not the famous brand , $15 is a great price, maximum will be $25

4. Tights  - I have learned the hard way, it does not really matter whether they are expensive >$20 or less, they will be ripped, caught on something and get bleached from shoes you are wearing.
So $10 is the highest I am willing to spend on tights.

5. Tops - less than $20

6. Skit - less than $20

7. Shoes - I have not found any comfortable shoes for me ever. Not Clarks, not Sofft, not Aerosoles, not Born, not Life Stride, not Merrel, not Naturalizer, not Allegria, not Dansko, not J41.  NOTHING.
So while I am still looking for those good brands, I will not spend more than $50 on shoes - expect for maybe boots, then $150 is maximum.

Set your standard low, and stick to it.

Do not buy anything that won't match with what you already have in your closet.

Do not always fall for bargain, someone once told me ' You can get broke from buying bargain!!"

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