Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Style

I was not used to wear stripes - I always thought wearing stripes - especially horizontal stripes - would make you look wider.

So I never had (horizontal) stripes until...........

I started working at this clothing store, then I have learned to love it.

The other day, I went to ROSS and found this $18.99 stripes dress which happens to be one of the hot-for-this-season item. This is actually my 2nd stripes dress, the 1st one is more black with white stripes dress and this one is the other way around.

I combined the dress with flower statement necklace, red big belt and red cardigan.

I was going to wear my red shrug, but could not find it.

I think you can wear what ever color of cardi - match the necklace or contrast it!

My other choice color of cardi would be green or yellow.

Have fun with stripes!